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What if you could look in the mirror and not cringe, stop painful diets and learn to truly be kind to yourself?

YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my special opportunity to transform your relationship with your body and food.

The most important action you can take to experience freedom with your body and food is to “STOP BEING SO MEAN TO YOURSELF!!!”

I am serious! This is huge!

When you talk down to yourself, you become your own worst enemy.
Without changing how you speak to ourselves you will sabotage your efforts and stay stuck in the same patterns of negativity.

Are you thinking, “ How can I say something nice to myself when I hate the way I look and can’t seem to get anything right?” “How can I love my body when I feel overweight and ugly?”

I hear ya. It’s not easy, but I want to teach you how to move up the scale from:

“I am disgusting.”
“Hey, I don’t look too bad.”
“Wow, I feel good about myself today.