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Would you like to have graceful eating this holiday?

I love the holidays. But when I was obsessing, dieting, and binge-eating, my holidays were burdened with the fear of gaining weight.
This kept me from thoroughly enjoying the festivities and being present with my family, which made me feel even worse about myself.
It would be challenging not to indulge in foods that I knew my Mom only made once a year. I would crash at some point on my Christmas vacation, feeling fear and shame that I messed it up again by overeating.
On top of it, businesses are trying to sell us ways to stay thin over the holidays. Others are tempting us to over-eat and indulge on all the delicacies that the holidays bring. Add that to family drama and upset; it can be challenging to not use our coping mechanisms to deal with.
This creates overwhelm when the holidays already brings stressful situations to the table(pun intended)
Can you relate?
What if you could have the best holiday ever?
What if you felt safe and comfortable and free with your food this holiday?
I have created a bundle of 9 videos with supportive techniques so that you can enjoy the holidays and not stress out. 
I will  give you tools to deal with challenging family dynamics so that you don’t have to dive face-first into a bowl of chocolate mousse.