Everyday Reiki was created for you to feel Supported &

Loved everyday of the year.

Everyday Reiki was created for you to feel supported and loved everyday of the year
Stress can debilitate our joy. Stress can occur from unprocessed emotions, overwhelm from daily pressures, physical dis-ease and financial challenges.

Reiki works by releasing stress so the body can heal itself, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
 After years of channeling Reiki for others, I have seen a deep sense of relief in my clients after a Reiki treatment. Life feels more doable. Love pours in. Miracles occur.
When you feel at peace, living life creates joy. When you have a balance with your body, mind, and spirit, Radiance occurs.

Radiance is realigning with your passion and purpose to remember your special gifts, reconnect with your authentic beauty, and learn how to share it on a bigger scale.My intention is to to support you through Everyday Reiki to create more alignment and balance with life, alas experiencing more RADIANCE.

What will you get with Everyday Reiki 2023?

Recieve 1-1 Coaching

  • Support to re-connect with your authentic self and stop letting it dissolve in the shadows.

  • Connect to your dreams and have support to make it happen.

  • Learn how to find your inner truth and bring it into fruition

  • Unwind past Trauma that keeps you from Stuck

  • Learn new practices to rewire your Nervous System

  • Blossom into your true self by taking actions that serve you.

Reiki Healing

  • Relax and Release tension

  • Promote health and well-being in all aspects of life.

  • Ignite your creativity and zest for life.

  • Break down energy blocks and create balance.

  • Learn how to find your inner truth and bring it into fruition.

  • Sleep deeper and sounder.

Marla Mervis-Hartmann your Reiki Guide

Meet Marla Mervis-Hartmann, your Reiki Guide


Reiki found me. Since that day we have had an ever growing and deepening relationship. In that moment I could not have imagined that, years later, I would be dedicated to sharing Reiki with so many.

Reiki and I met at a support group for eating issues. A woman sat in the corner with a slight grin on her face and her hands on her heart. My initial reaction was to be embarrassed for her. How could she be loving herself so openly? That embarrassment quickly transitioned to desire for what she had and radiated. We spoke afterwards which lead to her inviting and taking me to my first Reiki Circle. It was at this circle that I found my Reiki Master and a community committed to sharing this healing energy.

We were immediately compatible, Reiki and I. Since childhood I have loved using my hands for healing and have carried a yearning for spirituality. As a hands on and Spirit based healing modality, it was a perfect match. I had a deep longing to better myself and to learn ways to bring Spirit into my life that Reiki answered.

My self-healing journey came with good intentions however, my search for transformation came from a place of  “I am wrong. I need to be fixed.” Through Reiki I was able to turn that around. I was given access to Spirit’s unconditional acceptance and love. This energy allowed me to acknowledge all my beauty. My personal growth evolved into creating more loving choices for myself and release the sense of wrongness 

The more I experienced Reiki’s loving frequency the more fascinated I became with all the benefits that it could provide. During my early Reiki days I learned skills for manifesting and actualizing my desires. As my journey progressed Reiki assisted me in letting go of old shameful beliefs about sex and my own sensuality. This transformation profoundly changed my relationship to love, sexuality, and intimacy and was a gateway to learning about and eventually teaching Tantra. I can honestly say that Reiki was a pivotal component to the healing of my relationship with both my body and food.

After 15 years of exploring Reiki, the relationship keeps deepening. Just like any great relationship Reiki has touched my heart, shown me my uncomfortable edges, expanded my capacity to love, and taught me to see the positive.

Your questions answered about Everyday Reiki for the Radiant being

Is Everyday Reiki Right for me?

This program is for you if you are ready to release stress and find more vitality, radiance and joy in your life. If you want to stop struggling and allow Reiki to bring more grace and ease to your daily life.

How does long distance reiki work?

Reiki knows no barriers or boundaries. Its positive loving transforming qualities are ALWAYS reliable. A Reiki Master can direct Reiki healing to anyone, anywhere in the world; I can literally send you Reiki from afar. Distant Healing Reiki can happen in the comfort of your home, or as you go about your day. Reiki is always working on your behalf, and as with any in-person Reiki Session, the healing energy will flow to you without any effort on your end. Your energy centers will become balanced and cleared. By releasing stress, physically, mentally and emotionally, you will begin to heal. Your body will resonate at a higher frequency that attracts confidence, money, love, balance, happiness, and your purpose.

What do the One-on-One sessions look like?

Once a month we will have 90 minutes together on either Zoom or the phone. We will begin each one focusing on your intention for the session, and for the year, followed by creating a safe, encouraging, and bonded space for us through a guided meditation. While I channel Long Distance Reiki to you, we’ll look at what is in the way of what you want to create, dive deep into the blocks you need help in overcoming, and use the Reiki principles to bring more clarity to your life. Between sessions, the Reiki you are receiving every day will support you to create the health, relationships, finances, and joy you want for your life.

When do you send reiki?

Reiki is channeled every evening between 8:30-12:00pm PST. You can go to bed each night knowing that Reiki will be sent to you while you sleep. Because you are in my consciousness everyday, I will send Reiki throughout the day as well.

What can I do to prepare to receive Reiki daily?

By saying YES to Everyday Reiki, you have opened up the floodgates to Reiki. Every time you acknowledge that Reiki is in your life, your heart and body will open up to receive. By noticing all the small and large miracles in your life, you become a magnet for the energy.

Does Everyday Reiki Work?

To some, Reiki can feel like magic. All of a sudden the blockage melts away, the problem finds its solution, and pain is replaced with relief. Stress turns into grace and ease, and Love (especially self-love!) is discovered and renewed. In my 16 years of practicing and teaching Reiki, I have found that to be the case for me.

Everyday Reiki Raves

Here’s What Other Students Have To Say About Working With Marla



What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique that balances, realigns energy, and activates your own healing powers. It reduces stress, increases energy and focus, and enhances creativity.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy, the energy that is inherent to all creation. It describes an ancient Tibetan energy balancing treatment. It is based on Traditional energy theory (Prana, Chi, Qi, Ki), and incorporates the meridian system of energy pathways running through the body which are commonly known as the Chakras.

Reiki is non-manipulative. Through loose clothing, the practitioner channels Universal Life Energy through their hands, helping to direct energy where it is needed.

Reiki is very relaxing and comforting. Some experience a deep meditative state, some fall asleep, and others become recharged. Some whose brains are on ‘overload’ simply enjoy giving up daily pressures for an hour and allowing their minds to quiet.

Reiki feels good. It is recommended as a treatment before and after surgery. It is helpful during illness, and can be used along with other conventional treatments.

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