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Everyday Reiki- 2019

What are your intentions for 2019?

Think about it. Envision it. What life do you want to create for yourself? What are your desires and intentions for the coming year?  Whatever it may be, Reiki can support you.

What needs to heal for you to live your most vibrant life? What traumas are too hard to face? What physical pains affect your daily life?  Whether the ache is of the body, mind, or heart, Reiki can help you heal yourself.

You’ve come to Reiki for a reason. You’re on the path of self-growth. Perhaps you’re just reading about Reiki for the first time, or perhaps you’ve already experienced how deeply Reiki can smooth the way in front of you, giving you confidence, energy, and opening you up to love. Either way, Everyday Reiki is for you.

The Benefits of Reiki
Even a single session of Reiki can have extraordinary effects, but Reiki is known to be cumulative; the more Reiki energy you receive, the happier, healthier, and more aligned you become. The ongoing effects of Reiki include:

–    Self-love and acceptance
–    Release of physical pain and suffering
–    Additional energy
–    Day-to-day joy and gratitude
–    Financial flow and abundance
–    Better relationships
–    More vibrant sex life
–    Enhanced creativity
–    Letting go of shame and guilt
–    Restorative and restful sleep
–    Overall ease and grace
–    More prosperity

The Everyday Reiki Experiment
Throughout my life, and through the lives of my clients, I’ve seen the miraculous changes Reiki is able to catalyze. No matter life’s challenges, having continual Reiki makes a HUGE difference. If only this was available to everyone!

With that thought in mind, I began the first incarnation of Everyday Reiki in 2017. I wanted to offer energetic support and the benefits of Reiki all year round; I wanted to show up with the intention of being of service, to let people know that even though they’re doing so much on their own, they don’t have to be alone in their journey. I wanted to create a program where, for a dollar a day, anyone could experience the constant healing effects of Reiki.

I’m so grateful to say the Everyday Reiki program was a wonderful success. Those who joined in, experienced the support, care, and healing energy that flowed throughout the year, and even wrote in about the amazing effects Everyday Reiki had on their day-to-day lives.

Everyday Miracles from Everyday Reiki-

What others have said:

“I‘ve been experiencing Everyday Reiki from Marla for the last year. This has been the best year of my life. I am clearer about my direction in life. I have less stress and tension. The Reiki is soothing and loving. When I find myself in fear, the Reiki energy gives me the courage to move on. I have more energy than I have ever had before and the creativity that is pulsing through me is FABULOUS!  If you want to feel ongoing support in your life, I recommend Everyday Day with Marla, because it will help you create a life that you have always wanted!” – Cindy Livingston

“I used to constantly worry and was full of anxiety. My sister recommended I check out Everyday Reiki. With reluctance I did. I was surprised that my anxiety diminished and I stopped worrying. Thank you, Marla, for this gift. I’m proof that you don’t have to even believe in order for the effects to happen.” – Sarah K.

“The Everyday Reiki program has been a great experience for me.  I was going through some big transitions last year, and being part of the program gave me a sense of stability and support, and provided a solid foundation for handling those changes.  And it’s easy–once you become part of the program, the benefits all flow automatically.  I recommend it.” – Tom Owen

2019 with Reiki

For 2019 I want to provide you with EVEN MORE Reiki support throughout the year. I want you to feel supported, cared for, and loved through this next 12-month journey, with personal guidance to help break through what’s blocking you from the life you want to live. That’s why I have created the new and improved Everyday Reiki.

Like last year, you will receive Reiki healing, every single day, from myself.

You will ALSO receive THREE Private Coaching/Reiki Sessions with me through Skype or on the phone. With these THREE sessions, we can dive deeper into what you want to create for your life. We can look at some of the blocks or beliefs that are not serving you, and all the while I will be channeling Reiki healing directly to you and supporting you in your endeavors. You will also receive 2 Group Reiki Healing session with all of the participants from the program.

How does Long Distance Everyday Reiki Work?
Reiki knows no barriers or boundaries. Its positive loving transforming qualities are ALWAYS reliable. A Reiki Master can direct Reiki healing to anyone, anywhere in the world; I can literally send you Reiki from afar. Distant Healing Reiki can happen in the comfort of your home, or as you go about your day. Reiki is always working on your behalf, and as with any in-person Reiki Session, the healing energy will flow to you without any effort on your end. Your energy centers will become balanced and cleared. By releasing stress, physically, mentally and emotionally, you will begin to heal. Your body will resonate at a higher frequency that attracts confidence, money, love, balance, happiness, and your purpose.

What do the One-on-One sessions look like?
Three times a year we will have 45 minutes together on either Skype or the phone. We will begin each one focusing on your intention for the session, and for the year, followed by creating a safe, encouraging, and bonded space for us through a guided meditation. While I channel Long Distance Reiki to you, we’ll look at what is in the way of what you want to create, dive deep into the blocks you need help in overcoming, and use the Reiki principles to bring more clarity to your life. Between sessions, the Reiki you are receiving every day will support you to create the health, relationships, finances, and joy you want for your life.    

Everyday Reiki 2019 Includes:
–    6 months of Reiki ($400 Value)
     An ENTIRE YEAR of Reiki from either me or a fellow Living Light Reiki Master
–   2 One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Me ($750 Value)
   2 Skype Coaching/Reiki Healing Session to get you focused on your goals and help you move through your blockages

– 2 Group Reiki Sessions with others receiving Everyday Reiki- to deepen your Reiki experience and feel the collective reiki power with the group.
–   Monthly Inspirational Emails to motivate and encourage the Reiki flow in your life!

PLUS as a BONUS, you’ll also get:
–    FREE MONTH of Everyday Reiki as a gift for a friend or family member ($31 Value)
–    FREE GUIDED MEDITATION CD “Heal Yourself” ($15 Value)

The value of Reiki energy in one’s life on a daily basis is priceless, as it reconnects us back to ourselves and to the universe. We all are doing everything we can to deal with life’s challenges. You are working on your relationships, your physical health, your financial issues. You are searching for clarity and eager for positive change. There’s no reason to feel alone with these issues. Sometimes we need support for the steps we are taking.

Reiki is there for you. Reiki can give you that push to move confidently forward, open you up to receiving love and new opportunities, and live the life you’ve always dreamed. But you have to first make the decision to invest in your self.

I want Reiki to be as accessible as possible. With that in mind, I’m offering

  • 6 months of Reiki
  • 2 Private Coaching/Reiki Healing Sessions
  • 2 Group Healing sessions with other Everyday Reiki Participants
  • Guided Meditation CD
  • Inspirational Emails.
  • PLUS a month-long Gift Membership for Only

One Payment of $497 OR 2 Payments of $275.

Does Everyday Reiki Work?
To some, Reiki can feel like magic. All of a sudden the blockage melts away, the problem finds its solution, and pain is replaced with relief. Stress turns into grace and ease, and Love (especially self-love!) is discovered and renewed. In my 15 years of practicing and teaching Reiki, I have found that to be the case for me.

“This year has been full of twists and turns. So much loss and sadness. I don’t know what I would have done without Everyday Reiki. Knowing that I was being sent Reiki everyday gave me a sense of ease. I knew that I was being supported.” – Jason T.

“I received Everyday Reiki for my son to help him through college and all was smooth and he passed all his classes and tests! Thank you so much for this practice.” – Kevin

 “I have to tell you that whatever went on during that healing has helped to no end, really.  My foot hasn’t felt this good in a while and I even ran yesterday.  I have had only like 4 hours of sleep and I don’t feel wiped out and my heart feels so much more healed and complete.  Sort of wild!  THANK YOU!!!” – Lisa G

What do you want your next year to look like? What do you need to heal? Whatever you want to accomplish, let go, or create, Everyday Reiki can help. The more Reiki energy you receive, the more love, light, and joy is available to you.

Why not give yourself and your loved one the gift of the year?