Ready to stop fighting food and find peace with your body?

If so, this may sound all too familiar.

Will Power never lasts.

Find another way to live through Compassion,  Confidence & Curiosity.

Finding Peace with Food and your Weight can feel insurmountable.

I find that most women do not like their bodies.

They fear that they are eating the wrong food and that they will never get it right.

This stress creates shame and anger; it can catapult you into a cycle of diet, binge, guilt, repeat.

This prison is no way to live. It takes all your energy and presence to hate your body.

What if you could like, love and appreciate the body you are in right now?

Self-Compassion doesn't mean you are Giving up.

It does mean you are giving up binge-eating, body shaming,  emotional eating and negative self-talk.

Body Compassion Collective incorporates Three Components.

BCC is different from other solutions. It doesn’t focus on getting your body to a certain weight so you can feel confidence. It uses 3 powerful tools that will change how you feel about yourself and how you take care of yourself. If you commit to these tools, It will change your behaviors with food and dramatically increase levels of joy.


You are taught how to incorporate compassion into your food, body, self-talk, and exercise.
We explore compassion because it works. It isn’t an airy-fairy idea that sounds good. Compassion has massive power to create lasting change in your whole life


You are taught to feel confident about yourself. Confidence isn’t innate. Many women have to learn how to appreciate themselves, especially if they weren’t raised in an environment of praise. You must cultivate your self- worth because no one can do it for you.


 You are taught the power of activating your curious mind. This curiosity activates your intuition and takes you out of self-judgment. When you remove judgment and live in curiosity about why you choose negative behaviors and beliefs about your body, you can find real tools that will empower you

Willing to do something different to find relief?

Stop chasing diet after diet, fighting to control your food cravings, stress eating and beating yourself up at the gym because you think that when you hit your goal number on the scale you’ll be happy with yourself. Body Compassion Collective will bring you the relief you are needing to find peace in your life.

Life is too precious.

Don’t miss out on quality time with family and friends because you are obsessing about your weight.

Hi.  I’m Marla Mervis-Hartmann.

Ever since I can remember, I have had an issue with my body. I was always concerned with what I looked like and did many things to control my weight: over-exercising, under eating, throwing up, cleansing, and restricting certain ‘bad’ foods.  Nothing I did ever helped my disgust and body shame. I would lament, cry, and ultimately sooth myself with food.

I was on a cyclical pattern – restrict, overeat, shame, and repeat.

I remember a particularly miserable day. It was a challenging time in my life, my boyfriend had just left me and my career was nowhere to be found. I was at the gym. I got on the scale to find that I was the thinnest I had ever been.  I was shocked!

I was so unhappy despite having reached my ideal weight.

It was on that day that my illusion was shattered: being thin DID NOT equal being happy!  I always thought that once I got this ‘food’ thing figured out and I hit that magic number on the scale that my life would be in order, SO NOT TRUE!!!!

During my road to recovery, I have received support in many forms: therapy, Over-eaters Anonymous, family and friends, Positive Thinking Techniques, Reiki, Tantra, self-help books. All of these techniques were helpful however none of them actually worked.

It was only when I FINALLY SURRENDERED that I actually started looking and feeling better.  Now, I love my body more than I ever have and it shows.

My journey has been a long one that I honestly believed would never end. You don’t have to take the long road like I did. I promise you that you can stop self-hatred actions and change your life.

There is a way to get from ‘trying’ to love yourself to ACTUALLY LOVING YOURSELF and the way you look. I will hold your hand and help you on your journey.

There is another way of living. I know it because I’m FINALLY living it! You can, too.  Join us today.

What Do you learn in Body compassion collective ?

The Body Compassion Collective is a supportive journey teaching you how to have freedom with food, body confidence & experience more compassion in your life.  These changes will make positive changes in all aspects of your life.

Without Body Compassion Collective


Constantly  comparing yourself to others wishing your body looked like ‘hers’.


Afraid that everything you eat will make you fat.


Avoid social gatherings because you don’t like the way you look.


Use food to deal with stress.


Force yourself to diet and end up binge-eating.


Hate what you see in the mirror .


Worried you will pass your body insecurities onto your kids.

Gifts of Body Compassion Collective


Love my body the way it is now.


Feel Confident in the skin you are in.


Experience great sex with the lights on.


Look in the mirror and like what you see.


Enjoy dinner with friends without fear of what you eat.


Quiet the mean girl  that lives in your head.


Walk into a room full of confidence.

Body COmpassion Collective Is for the women who has tried everything and ready for a solution that works 

can You Imagine?


Looking in the mirror and feeling comfortable with what you see.


Waking up every day feeling good about yourself and confident in your food choices.


A life without dieting, restricting and feeling shame about your food.


Awakening your sexuality and becoming the full sensuous women that you meant to be.

What Does Body Compassion Collective include?

Modules for Freedom with Food

  • Learn how to listen to what your body really wants to eat.
  • Stop the dieting, restricting and binging cycle.
  • Enjoy food without fear of getting fat.
  • Learn how to commit to your food choices.

Modules for Body Confidence

  • Learn how to stand in your beauty and authentic power.
  • Gain body confidence without losing a pound
  • Find bliss and sensual power in your body.
  • Stop fighting your body and hating what you see in the mirror

Modules for Living Gracefully

  • Access your innate wisdom to bring more tenderness into your life.
  • Learn how to Stop obsessing about your body and find deeper connections in all your relationships
  • Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations.

Full access to The Pleasure Plan Course Program


7 Live Group Coaching Calls


Video Modules- teaching you how to create freedom, peace and pleasure with your food, body and life.


Workbook and Journaling Exercises.


Movement and Breath Exercises Designed to Access Compassion while letting go of pain.


Private Online Facebook Group


Supportive Sisterhood Connections


Bonus: 1 Month of Everyday Reiki


Guest Speakers


Is Body Compassion Collective for me?
This program is for you if you are ready to STOP white-knuckling your food. If you are tired of chasing diet after diet, beating yourself up at the gym, over-exercising and fighting to control your food cravings because you think that when you hit your goal number on the scale you’ll be happy with yourself – this is for you.  This program is for you if you are done struggling and don’t know how to let go of the struggle. Body Compassion Collective is for you if you want to learn how to find more self-acceptance, joy and compassion.

I've tried everything. I don't think anything can help me.

I’ve been there. I felt that I would always feel like crap about myself and food would always be a struggle. Negative Body Image and Food Challenges sucks. But you’re not broken, my friend. You are actually- POWERFUL! BEAUTIFUL! RADIANT!  This program will tap you back into your authentic self. It takes a different perspective and solid guidance to make this happen. TOGETHER we can do this!

Will I lose Weight?
Maybe you will. Maybe you won’t.  Body Compassion Collective NOT a weight loss program. The focus of this group is to create lasting peace and freedom with your body and food. This will allow your body to find its authentic weight.   You will learn tools to take learn how to listen to your body.

I have an eating disorder. Is this Program for me?
Although I have worked with those who’ve had eating disorders in the past, I recommend you work with a licensed eating disorder specialist, before embarking on this program.
After Body Compassion Collective, will I ever struggle again?
Learning to accept and love your body is a process.  BCC is designed to heal deep wounds and support you to find peace quickly if you fall back into the negativity trap.

What is the Refund Policy
We believe once you say yes to an experience, it begins. We want all women to be 100% committed, therefore all sales are final.

What is the time commitment?

BCC starts on November 6th for 8 weeks. We will meet via Zoom for 90 minutes Wednesday at 11:00 am PST or 4:00pm PST. There will a break around the holidays.

You can be

Confident, Sexy and


Raves about coaching with marla

Do you have any questions for Marla? Email me to schedule a time to talk